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    West Haven Public Schools
    West Haven, CT

    Square Footage:
    600,000 sq

    Completion Date:

    Savin Engineers was retained to provide facilities assessment and capital project planning services for the West Haven Public School buildings over a phased period of time. Physical inspection of the existing buildings and systems was conducted to identify the overall conditions of the systems and the need to repair or replace. Those included but not limited to:

    • Exterior elements: Roofs, windows, pavement, playgrounds and play fields
    • Interior elements: Lighting, communications systems, ceilings and flooring
    • Major systems: Boilers, heating and ventilation, plumbing and electrical systems

    To assist the district in preserving its capital assets through planning and maintenance, a Five Year Capital Facilities Plan was developed for the school building based on the information obtained from the inspections. A tool to actively manage its capital needs; the plan contains a concise description of the current state of the district’s schools; prioritizes needs based on the overall integrity and remaining useful life of the systems; includes recommendations for corrective action and cost estimates to repair, replace, or maintain these systems and buildings in good working order.