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    DC Water

    Washington, DC

    Project Scope:
    Coordination Studies
    Power Flow Studies
    Motor Starting Studies
    Transient Stability Studies

    Savin Engineers provided consulting engineering services related to the electrical distribution system at DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant, a 153 acre, 370MGD facility serving 725 square miles of DC, Maryland and Virginia. Services provided were related to the ongoing effort to bring the new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant being brought online. The CHP facility is projected to produce 14MW of electric power via the use of biogas produced on site from the wastewater treatment process. Savin’s scope included assistance with review of the current coordination study for the facility. Transient analyses were provided utilizing the power system modeling software package DesignBase by Power Analytics. Analyses included modeling the CHP Plant against loss of utility power and the effect on the utility in the case of loss of the CHP. Modeling efforts also included large motor starting studies of medium voltage motors including 4000HP process air blowers and 3500HP tunnel dewatering pumps to model the effect of such motor starting events on the CHP generators and prime movers. Savin Engineers also assisted DC Water in reviewing protective relaying schemes that control power flow and provide protection for the various components of the electrical distribution and generation system.