NYS Office of General Services - Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

    Bedford Hills, NY

    $10-12 million

    Project Scope:
    Structural Design
    Process Mechanical Design
    Electrical Design
    HVAC Design

    Savin Engineers provided design services for the upgrade of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. The WWTP provides treatment for sewage flows from both the Bedford Hills and Taconic Correctional Facilities and some adjacent residential / commercial areas in the town of Bedford. The WWTP discharges into a small stream within the New York City Water Supply watershed and is required to meet stringent effluent limits. The existing treatment process included screening, grit removal, influent pumping, chemically-enhanced primary sedimentation, trickling filters, final clarification, rapid sand filtration, microfiltration and ultraviolet light disinfection. In addition to upgrades to the existing facilities to address deficiencies and replace aging equipment, the project also included the addition of Rotating Biological Contractors (RBCs) to provide nitrification to reduce ammonia concentrations in the plant effluent.

    Savin conducted several engineering evaluations to determine the appropriate solutions to several unit process upgrades, including the replacement of the influent screens and channel grinders, improvements to the equalization tanks, replacement of the rapid sand filters, and sizing of the new RBCs to provide both Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand (CBOD) removal and nitrification of ammonia. The RBC evaluation found that the consolidation of the CBOD and nitrification unit processes into a single treatment unit would result in a net long-term savings based on reduced maintenance costs and energy savings due to the elimination of the trickling filter process.

    As the prime consultant, Savin was responsible for the design of the process mechanical, structural, architectural, electrical, heating and ventilation, and plumbing work, and coordinated the process mechanical, instrumentation and civil/site improvements performed by its subconsultants, that were required to implement the WWTP improvements. The design included the coordination of Maintenance of Plant Operations (MOPO) requirements to complete the work at an operating treatment facility.

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